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Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

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Whenever working out, fitness and wellness experts tell us stretching is vital to getting lose and reducing your risk of injury. But they are now telling us dynamic stretching (rather than static stretching) is far more beneficial to maximize performance.

Dynamic stretching is an active stretching routine that is designed to slowly move one through motions to increase heart rate and raise body temperature, sending extra blood flow to key muscles. This is all done to prepare for exercise or competition by increasing one’s range of motion.

Keep these four things in mind when performing your dynamic stretches:

  1. Keep your body continuously moving, even while stretching.
  2. Prepare your muscles in a sport specific way. These different types of movement will help get your muscles ready to perform at game time.
  3. Dynamic stretching helps get you mentally prepared for the game or workout ahead. (Static stretching is more relaxing and can trick your body into relaxation mode.)
  4. Improve range of motion around your joints, which can help reduce injury.

A study published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” in 2008 showed that athletes who performed daily dynamic stretching routines for four weeks showed significant improvements to power, speed, endurance, flexibility, strength and agility compared to athletes performing static warm-ups.

So how do you start a dynamic stretching program you might ask? Remember, when beginning a program it’s important to start at an appropriate level of intensity that’s comfortable for you and your body. The intensity is determined by the following factors:

  • Range of motion
  • Speed of movement
  • Number of stretches
  • Force generated during the movement
  • Total time stretched

When first beginning a dynamic stretching routine, you should start with short, slower movements that don’t require a lot of force. Blood will get circulating after light aerobic activity lasting five to 10 minutes and increase your body temperature. Keep in mind, if the intensity of stretching is increased too rapidly, so is your risk of injury so be sure to gradually intensify your stretching each week, not immediately.

For more information on dynamic stretching, what exercises are safe and how to incorporate this into your workout, please call M&M Physical Therapy at (856) 234-4600 or visit www.mmptnj.com.


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If you are looking for an experience focused on you, with people who genuinely care about you and your success at physical therapy, then look no further!

- Michelle B.

I now have an understand that getting healthy is not only physical but mental. M&M Physical Therapy made all the difference in my recovery.

-Craig S., Mt. Laurel

Twice M&M helped me... one time with thoracic back pain and the other with a herniated disc...both times I found the staff to be knowledgable and enthusiastic ...in my line of work in law enforcement I have to be 100%..they got me to my goal in a realistic amount of time.


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M & M did a great job providing therapy for lower back pain. The Physical Therapist, Dave, was very easy to work with and eager to answer any questions I had about the condition or the treatment. The M&M office is clean and bright and the M & M staff are pleasant and friendly. After completing the treatment, I have been able to resume normal activities and I am pain free. Thank you M & M!
– Rich

I can’t begin to explain how amazing the care is at M&M. Brett, Ruth and Steve value relationships, and are a breath of fresh air in the medical field. During my time with Brett, he showed that treating your injury is just the first step. He focused on building a relationship with me, understanding my life and the stresses that I’m going through, and felt more like meeting with a trusted friend then a doctor’s appointment. I recommend everyone to give M&M Physical Therapy a try if you need an amazing group of physicians that will ensure that you recover quickly, give you personalized advice, and value ethics and customers more than anything else. They truly are the greatest group of physical therapists around! – Tim

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