M&M Physical Therapy is celebrating 13 years!


Post-Op Services 

Postoperative physical therapy is the keystone to a great recovery. The rehabilitation portion of the process is the longest and most involved throughout the injury to recovery to back to life process. Our job is to discuss the overall plan and process, to guide you through each step, and to help you achieve your goals of returning the highest level of function as possible.

Pre-Op Services

Pre-operative services are fast becoming the norm for several surgical procedures. We now know that physical therapy prior to surgery can have a tremendous impact on your success after surgery. Not only does it limit the downtime, but we can reduce postoperative pain, limitations, and shorten recovery time by getting your body ready for surgery. Ask your surgeon today about going to physical therapy before your surgery.

Back Rehab 

Back or spine rehabilitation is the number one body part we treat. Over 85% of the general population will have a back issue they seek medical attention for in their lives. We take great pride in our treatment methodologies and process for evaluating back problems. Want to talk to us about how we can help. Talk to one of our therapists today about how we can help.

Neurological Rehab

M&M Physical Therapy professionals can provide extremely beneficial treatments for patients with a variety of neurological conditions including, but not limited to: Cerebral Vascular Accidents (stroke), Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Spinal Cord Injuries. Neurological conditions can affect a person’s strength, range of motion, balance, cognition, walking ability (gait), and overall functional mobility. After receiving your initial neurological physical therapy evaluation conducted by a licensed M&M physical therapist, your personalized treatment program will be developed and monitored for progress as appropriate for your condition.

Workman’s Compensation Physical Therapy:

If you were hurt while working we can help. Our job is to help heal your injury, restore your function, and get you back to what you love doing. At M&M Physical Therapy we have treated the working population since our inception. We pride ourselves in creating comprehensive programs that can mimic job activities and incrementally progress you back to your job activities in a safe and measurable manner.

For Case Nurses and Managers:

M&M Physical Therapy can provide regular communication and notifications of attendance, standardized processes for evaluations, as well as gold standard outcome measures for each type of injury. Our specialized staff will have hands on care of each client returning them to work in a safe and efficient manner thereby minimizing the risk of re-injury and more lost revenue for the employer.


M&M Aftercare
Q: Have you thought about working out at a gym, but were concerned about which exercise regimen would be safe given your injury history?

A: Let trained M&M physical therapists, who already know you and your injury history, develop and monitor a work-out program for you—with M&M Aftercare!

With these questions in mind, we are proud to announce M&M Aftercare. This exciting new program is an exclusive opportunity offered only to former patients. Learn more

Success Stories

If you are looking for an experience focused on you, with people who genuinely care about you and your success at physical therapy, then look no further!

- Michelle B.

I now have an understand that getting healthy is not only physical but mental. M&M Physical Therapy made all the difference in my recovery.

-Craig S., Mt. Laurel

Twice M&M helped me... one time with thoracic back pain and the other with a herniated disc...both times I found the staff to be knowledgable and enthusiastic ...in my line of work in law enforcement I have to be 100%..they got me to my goal in a realistic amount of time.


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The Golf Performance Institute (GPI) was founded by Physical Therapists and certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) instructors with over 10 years of industry experience. The only indoor Golf Performance Center in South Jersey, GPI combines state-of-the-art technology with the best local PGA Professional golf instructors and TPI certified golf fitness instructors. We also have a robust Junior Golf Program, which utilizes technology and data collection to help young golfers develop and improve. This junior training program is widely successful in other parts of the country and will be the first of its kind in New Jersey.

Click here to go to The Golf Performance Institute website. The Golf Performance Institute (GPI)

M & M did a great job providing therapy for lower back pain. The Physical Therapist, Dave, was very easy to work with and eager to answer any questions I had about the condition or the treatment. The M&M office is clean and bright and the M & M staff are pleasant and friendly. After completing the treatment, I have been able to resume normal activities and I am pain free. Thank you M & M!
– Rich

I can’t begin to explain how amazing the care is at M&M. Brett, Ruth and Steve value relationships, and are a breath of fresh air in the medical field. During my time with Brett, he showed that treating your injury is just the first step. He focused on building a relationship with me, understanding my life and the stresses that I’m going through, and felt more like meeting with a trusted friend then a doctor’s appointment. I recommend everyone to give M&M Physical Therapy a try if you need an amazing group of physicians that will ensure that you recover quickly, give you personalized advice, and value ethics and customers more than anything else. They truly are the greatest group of physical therapists around! – Tim

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